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What Is Women’s Casual Wear?

What’s casual wear, depends on what you consider casual. A dress in a certain culture can be a casual, everyday appearance and the same dress, worn in another culture, can be considered formal.

Casual wear, as the name suggests, is a casual dress. You can wear it on an everyday basis. You can wear a casual dress when you’re going shopping. You can wear it when visiting a friend. Going to college? There are plenty casual dresses for you that will give you a cool look.

The Oxford dictionary defines casual wear as, “Neat, conventional, yet relatively informal in style, especially as worn to conform to a particular dress code.” – Of course, the biggest attribute of casual wear is that you don’t need to conform to a particular dress code.

Dressing is a serious business these days. There used to be a time when you would wear clothes to protect yourself against the weather and the climate but these days, aside from this primitive need of protection, your clothes also need to represent you as an individual. This is why, whether people wear casual wear or semi-casual, they are very particular about what they choose. If you’re worried about what sort of casual wear you should choose, stop worrying and start reading this article. We carry lots of advice for you.

Women’s Casual Work Wear

Casual wear is catching up so much that even in offices, there are “casual dress” days when people turn up wearing casual wear instead of the usual official or corporate clothes. 60% businesses and workplaces these days allow business casual wear.

Casual wear as a concept mostly comes from the Western dress code: it mostly emphasises personal comfort and your individual statement rather than conformity and formality. Sometimes casual wear is also termed as leisurewear.

The basic idea is, whatever piece of clothing you pick for yourself, it should be elegant as well as comfortable. You shouldn’t need lots of time putting on these clothes, taking them off, and even in their upkeep.

History of Women’s Casual Wear

Interestingly, casual wear’s history goes back to the history of sports. People used to sport casual wear during sporting events like lawn tennis, cricket and even croquet. During most of these sporting events, the women would sit casually under the tents, sporting their casual dresses, and the men would play. Of course, during those leisurely times, even the casual wear looked like what our fancy dresses look these days.

Later on, many sports -related dresses entered the mainstream casual dress trends and people started wearing sports shirts, sports jerseys, sports jackets, sports caps, sports trousers and sports shoes. There is a reason why shoe companies like Nike and Adidas have given rise to multi-billion-dollar industries through their sportswear that are basically, casual wear.

Difference Between Casual Wear And Formal Wear

Casual wear can include Jeans, skirts, trousers, jeggings and even kurta-pyjamas. The main stress is on comfort, relaxation and informality. You go with casual wear when you are going on trips, going to the beach (not for the purpose of getting wet because then the dress code completely changes), going shopping, watching a movie with friends, visiting relatives, or simply staying at home, trying to be as comfortable as possible.

As mentioned above, these days workplaces have “casual-dress” or casual wear days when people wear casual clothes. Though, when it comes to wearing clothes at your workplace, even the casual becomes a sort of semi-formal.

You wear formal wear at official ceremonies, weddings, conferences, balls, formal dinners and even to office. It can be a pair of dress slacks or skirt. You can wear business suit jacket. You can wear pants. Formal dresses can be a bit uncomfortable, but more stress is given on appearance rather than comfort, though, it doesn’t always have to be like that.

Casual Wear Style And Characteristic Features

First of all, the range of casual wear must exclude all the clothes that you wear on official events or formal events. Anything that cannot be worn on a formal occasion, can be characterised as casual.

Casual wear is basically a collection of all the pieces of comfortable clothing you can wear to not just cover your body and protect yourself against cold and heat, but also to accentuate your personality without going overboard.

Another good thing about casual wear is that often it is not very expensive (although, what is expensive depends on how much you can and cannot spend). Since most of the casual wear is inexpensive, you can have lots of choice, which is not there in formal wear.

For example, you can have multiple jeans and multiple tops. Since there is no restriction on what combination you need to wear, you can wear various combinations of jeans and tops and skirts and joggings. You can try out a new combination without repeating the same combination an entire month, and sometimes, even more.

Another outstanding feature of casual wear is that it is suitable for every person (or woman) with any type of figure. Unless it is an extreme case, you don’t need to worry about whether a particular piece of casual wear is going to suit you or not. Since it is casual wear, nobody is going to mind much even if you cannot carry the piece of clothing you are wearing like a diva.

Casual wear is also used on a daily basis and hence, they must be comfortable and suitable for a relaxed atmosphere. You should be able to wear casual clothes at your friend’s place, in casual parties, while shopping, at home, and sometimes even at workplace. Just because you are at your workplace doesn’t mean you cannot dress casually. The only criteria are the dress must look decent and you should be presentable in it and it should not be outlandish.

For example, a wraparound cotton blouse may not look good at your workplace.

Various Occasions to Wear Casual Attire

Aside from sporting casual wear at home and in the neighbourhood, you may also decide to wear casual clothes on semi-formal, and sometimes, even formal events like a wedding. Many people prefer to wear smart casuals to a wedding or a party when they don’t want to overdo the dressing and accessories part. But that’s a different story. Listed below are a few occasions where you can sport a casual wear:

  • A dinner party: A dinner party, since it happens at night, is usually a formal affair but these days, many dinner parties are casual events. But, since it is a dinner party, you can choose to wear casual clothes like a jeans and a top, or a skirt or a top. Just make sure that whatever you are wearing is comfortable. Also take into consideration the atmosphere of the party. Is it going to be indoors or outdoors? Is it going to be very cold or very hot? Are you going to have the dinner party at the beach? Find out all these attributes about the dinner party before you choose the right casual wear.
  • A friends meet up: Planning to meet old friends? What you wear at such a meet depends on the intimacy level that you enjoy with your friends, but even if they are your best buddies, why not dress well and show respect? Friends mostly meet for lunch, so you can dress up accordingly. Casual wear for lunch is normally light-coloured and free-flowing. You can wear a frock and a hat if it is very sunny. You can wear long boots along with skirt and top. Jeggings are quite in vogue these days and you can wear one of your favourite jeggings along with a T-shirt and a loosely knotted shirt on top of it.
  • At office: When it comes to office, of course we wouldn’t suggest you to wear something that is suitable for a pyjama party. Nice jeans with a white shirt look good. Many people prefer to wear a long skirt that is slightly heavy along with a jacket or a T-shirt that has a light design over it. You can choose to wear pants that will look semiformal and can be easily categorised as casual wear. You can also add a dash of accessories like beaded jewellery that goes quite well with casual wear.
  • Shopping: You can do shopping at multiple locations. You can go in an expensive mall, or you can go in a village bazaar or even at the beach market. Remember that you will be carrying baskets or bags when coming back, so wear your dress accordingly. You may also have kids with you so you cannot be very adventurous while choosing your casual wear. If you are with your friends, then you can give more leeway to yourself.
  • Romantic date: Casual wear on romantic date? Why not? Wearing a casual dress on your romantic date shows that you are relaxed person and you focus more on the individual you’re going to meet and less on wearing an expensive dress. You don’t need to be plain and simple. There are some very good jeans that you can wear with a semi-expensive top. You can also wear some accessory and some jewellery to give it a dash of formality and appreciation.

What Makes Good Casual Wear That Lets You Enjoy With Style?

Just because it is casual wear it does not mean you can be careless about what you wear, especially when you’re going out to meet your friends or even when you are dressing up for the “casual day” in your office.

In fact, since most of the time you are wearing casual wear (unless you’re attending formal event), casual clothes are the most important and personality-stating styles to focus on if you are conscious about how you appear, whether in public, in front of your friends and relatives, and even in front of your own family (why not?).

On the other hand, when you are carrying casual wear, you have to give a slightly effortless vibe. Too much effort spoils the effect of your casual wear – there is a reason it is called casual wear.

Most of the casual dresses are made from light, flowing garments. In fact, this is the reason what makes them comfortable and suitable for daily wear. Casual wear comes in all shapes and sizes, in different fabrics, different colours and different cuts and designs. Sometimes your casual wear depends on the latest, ongoing trend, and sometimes you can follow your own path, paying scant regard to what the others are wearing.

How to Choose Which Casual Dress to Wear?

There is these days an emerging trend of non-branded casual wear. It gives people more choice as brands tend to get stuck on a particular style of clothing and this restricts choice for consumers. Non-branded clothing on the other hand can offer limitless choice of various casual wear combinations.

Listed below are some casual dresses that you can choose as your usual casual wear:

  • Smart casual: The good thing about smart casual wear is that you can use such clothes on both informal and formal occasions. Although there are many branded casual wears available in this category, you can also experiment with different varieties of clothes. For example, a comfortable jumper topping or a shirt that is unbuttoned at the top accompanied with a jegging can be good example of smart casual wear.
  • Street casual: This is mostly for self-expression because you will be out in the street. You can wear knee-length skirts with frill along with the lose T-shirt. You can wear a tight T-shirt and then sport a casual shirt that you can keep unbuttoned. You can also have a hat if it is sunny. Body hugging pants also look good on the street.
  • Sporty casual: Well, this may or may not have to do anything with sports, these days if you wear jeans and shirts, you can say that you are wearing a sporty outfit. A track suit also comes under sporty casual wear. You can wear a track suit when you are jogging, having a morning walk or an evening stroll, or you are in the gym.

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