Women Evening Wear

Women’s Evening Wear Margao, Goa

We stock a large variety of womens evening wear including evening gowns suitable for all formal occasions like weddings or other strictly formal occasions like formal parties. The length of the gown ranges from ballerina, tea, to full-length. Evening gowns stocked by us are made of luxurious fabrics such as chiffon, velvet, satin, organza and silk.

We also stock pretty cocktail dresses in rich colours and various styles. Our range includes all types of Western evening gowns and party wear dresses from a full-length gown to cocktail dresses in rich colours like black, navy, brown and several others to suit special occasions like Christmas and New Year.

Selecting The Right Women’s Evening Wear For Formal Occasions

A good thing about women’s evening wear is that the choice can be practically unlimited. But then it may also cause the problem of plenty – there is so much choice that it is very difficult to select the right women’s evening wear for the right occasion.

An evening wear is adorned to make a statement. What statement you make rests upon the occasion you are attending, the place you’re visiting and the other people on that place.

If you want to make a mark with your evening dress, you can be as unique as your financial and circumstantial reach, but if you want to gel with the crowd, you need to make sure that you choose an evening gown, pants and jacket, jumpsuit, pantsuit, formal trousers, skirt and blouse, top and pants or skirt, or any other combination that catches your fancy, suits your taste and is appropriate for the occasion that you will attend.

Should You Choose A Branded Or A Non-Branded Western Evening Gown?

Again, the good thing about women’s evening wear is that you have got lots of brands at your disposal. You have got John Lewis. Then there is Chad Stone. You have also got House of Fraser. Alex women’s evening wear. ASDA evening dresses. At our boutique we display evening dresses for women from multiple brands of international repute.

Although if you buy from a boutique, it is a bit difficult to buy non-branded western evening gown, some gowns can be custom made if that is your choice although, they may cost you more because of the labour and material cost.

The good thing about branded evening wear for women is that they are not only less expensive compared to custom-made evening gowns and evening wear, they’re also easy to buy.
Whether you want to purchase an evening wear from websites like eBay (which we don’t recommend, by the way, because nothing compares to feeling the material with your fingertips before buying) or you buy from a reputed boutique like ours, for a branded evening wear, you simply have to walk into the shop, select the gown you really like, purchase it, go home, and use it for the occasion. No fluff.

In case some alteration needs to be done – provided it can be done without disturbing the overall design of the dress – it can be done there and then at the boutique.

Should You Choose Comfort Over Style Or Style Over Comfort When It Comes To Selecting Your Evening Wear?

Although it is usually recommended that you choose comfort over style, eventually it depends on your inclination.

It doesn’t mean there is a strict division between being comfortable and choosing the style of your liking. You can be stylish as well as comfortable. It depends on what evening dress you choose and how you plan to carry it. Your evening wear also depends on your body structure but then, wearing a dress according to body structure is a personal preference and you should do what you want to do rather than heed to any advice.

As mentioned above, the sort of evening wear you choose also depends on the occasion. Is it a formal occasion, a casual occasion or a semi-formal occasion? Are you a professional? What sort of event are you attending?

Besides, it doesn’t even have to be an event. Suppose you want to choose a relaxing evening dress, just to wear at home. Even then, if you’re looking for a style, you have got plenty of choice.

Evening Wear And Your Body Type

Do you often wonder why a dress looks awesome on one person and not-so-good on another? Have you ever been disappointed after purchasing an evening dress that looked ravishing in that photograph?

The problem is with the body type. An evening dress that looks great on one person may not look so great on another.

This is why, when it comes to choosing the perfect evening wear for women, it is very important that you know your body type.

To be able to choose the perfect evening wear for women, it’s very important that you know your body type. Different dresses are for different body types although, it’s up to you what sort of dress you want to wear.

Aside from being heavy or petite, you may have the following body types:

  • Apple-shaped body type: Sometimes this is also referred to oval or circle or rounded shaped. Since you are heavier around your tummy and hips, it is better to go for an evening wear that takes attention away from these regions and highlights other regions of your body. So, wear something that draws attention away from your midsection and waist. For the evening dress ladies can also avoid bulky tops and tight silhouettes. Instead they can go with the tunic and a layered top. They should also avoid double-breasted jackets. If your top is heavy, you should avoid heavy dress around your legs, especially upper thighs.
  • A pear-shaped body type: In a pear-shaped body, the hips a more prominent compared to the bust. You may have a nicely-defined waist. For a nice evening wear or evening dress for this body shape, try to get an evening dress that enhances your upper body, emphasises your waist and de-emphasises the lower part of your body to create a balance. You may like to highlight your shoulders. For that, you can wear scarves, mufflers and even colourful necklaces as accessories. Go for a dress that makes your shoulders appear broader. Avoid wearing tight pants or capri pants. You should also avoid short skirts.
  • The hourglass shape: A good thing about an hourglass shape is that your choice becomes limitless, but, having said that, you would like to highlight your curves and for this, it is better to choose the dress that does justice to this particular body shape. Avoid wearing loose clothes as your evening wear. It is better to wear body-hugging clothes whether it is a long gown, a pants-suit, or any other dress. You may also like to wear a belt to accentuate the shape of your waist.
  • Athletics-shaped body type: Yes, even if you have an athletic body, you can have beautiful evening wear as a lady. You may not be particularly curvy but that doesn’t mean that you cannot accentuate particular parts of your body. For such category of evening wear, go for quarter-length sleeves to give a slender look to your arms. If you want to show-off your solid arms, you can go for a sleeveless dress. A V-neck and scoop neck shirt will go perfectly with your stronger shoulders and collarbones. As an accessory you can use a belt to give shape to your waist. You can go for an evening shirt that can be tied around your waist but for that, you will have to check whether you can wear informal clothes or not. You can also go with tops with frills.

Formal, Semi-Formal And Casual Women’s Evening Wear

A formal occasion usually has a dress code. Even if the dress code hasn’t been specifically mentioned during the invitation, it is assumed that when you come to attend a formal occasion, you are not going to come in an informal attire.

For a formal evening wear, you can have a formal top followed by pants, trousers or a skirt. You can also have a long, full-body dress if you can carry it well.

For semi-formal dresses, as a woman you can have a party outfit, an office outfit, a wedding attire or a dinner attire. Then, you can have a short evening dress or a long evening dress.

Obviously, you want to make sure that you don’t feel or look out-of-place in a crowd. Whether formal, semiformal or casual, pick an evening wear that will show that you have respect for the event.

Choosing The Evening Wear For Women According To The Accessories That You Have

Why spend more money on accessories if you can simply buy an evening wear according to the accessories that you already have? For example, there are certain footwear, certain jewellery and particular bag that you already have. Keep these accessories in mind when shopping for your evening wear.

Your accessories and your evening wear are going to complement each other. They create a balance. If your evening wear is heavily adorned, it is better to carry light accessories, a little less conspicuous.

On the other hand, if your evening wear is plain and simple you can use elaborate accessories so that you don’t look plain and ordinary at the event. But then again, it all depends on how you want to portray yourself.

The moot idea is, if you have already zeroed in on the accessories you have, it is a better alternative for you to shop for the right evening wear, accordingly.

Choosing Evening Western Party Wear For Women By Colour

Choosing the right colour for your evening western party dress can have a huge impact on what sort of impression you make. You must have heard people saying that they can carry this colour or they cannot carry that colour – it is not a myth. Different colours suit different people and you will need to find which colour augments your personality, hair colour and skin texture.

Colours are very important, including the colour of your skin, your hair, your eyes, your accessories, and eventually, your evening wear. The colour that you choose can make you look more stunning. The wrong choice can make you appear lacklustre and pale. There are also some cultural issues when you choose a colour. For example, if you choose a completely dark attire, it may offend some people. On the other hand, even if you choose a completely white attire, it may end up upsetting another set of people.

How Do You Decide Which Colour Western Evening Dress To Choose?

Different people suggest different methods, to know your skin tone (so that you can choose the right evening dress). One method is, turn your hand up, palm upwards, and have a look at your wrist. You will be able to see your veins. If your veins look green or yellow the colour of your tone is warm. For a warm tone, brown, gold, dark green or even dark blue western evening dress will look the best (though, exceptions are always there).

Your skin tone is cool if your veins are purple or blue. If this is the case, you can wear light blue, grey or silver.

Do you know that your hair colour and your eye colour can also help you decide what sort of evening wear you should go for?

At our boutique it is very easy to choose the right dress with the right shade of colour. Just drop in and use our dressing room with large mirrors. You will be able to try out various evening dresses before you make up your mind. Bring along your friends so that they can also give you their opinion and help you select the most appropriate western evening dress for the event you are planning to go to (even if it is at your own house).

Buy High Quality Women’s Western Evening Gowns and Party Wear at Fashion Closet Margao, Goa

Our boutique has a comprehensive collection of western evening wear for women. In India, especially in Goa, people wear are all sorts of clothes, without minding what skin tone they have. There is nothing wrong in that. Choose the colour of your western evening gowns or party wear that makes you happy and you will actually look happy in that colour.

Besides, there are some colours that look good on all women. For example, black or dark shades look good on all. Even off-white for that matter goes with all skin colours, hair colours and eye colours.

Does so much information on western evening wear for women overwhelm you? There is no need to fret.

As mentioned above, an abundant choice of Western evening dresses, gowns and party wear may give rise to indecision, but it doesn’t have to be like that. This is why we advise you to visit our boutique where we have stocked a long line-up of readymade western evening gowns, party wear and western cocktail dresses for all body types and tastes.
Drop-in during working hours and our helpful staff will assist you in finding the perfect evening dress to suit your occasion. You can also tell them the sort of event that you are attending. You can check your body type. You can check your skin tone. All the help that you need to pick the most suitable evening wear for you, will be provided to you at our boutique. If you need some custom changes, we will be able to incorporate them, though, it may take some time to arrange the materials and make the changes.